Tree related services include:  tree selection, tree planting, tree trimming, small tree pruning, Insect pest and disease identification, tree assessments, tree appraisals






I have spent most of my life Caring for Trees.  I've been working with trees for nearly 40 years in many facets.  Trees provide so much for us that I feel we need to take the best care for them that we can.  It is important to choose the right tree and plant it correctly in the right place.  Once it is planted it needs informed care and nurturing to get your tree established.  After the tree is established it is important to maintain the tree and it's surroundings from the crown of the tree to a foot deep in the soil.  To give your tree professional care a Certified Arborist is very important.  A Certified Arborist is someone that has devoted themselves to seeking what is best for the tree with the clients desires in mind.  As a Certified Arborist I can also make an assessment of you tree with instruments, diagnose tree problems, perform appraisals of a tree and provide many other services including trimming and pruning as needed.  My goals include being an advocate for trees and give them a voice because every tree requires the best care. For so many reasons I Care for Trees!


111 Holly Hill Drive, 

Ingram, TX 78025

Tel: 361-443-0094

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